Future Fund

Shadow Cats started in the mid-nineties with an idea and a passion that has evolved over the years to an entire organization supported by a network of caring friends, volunteers and supporters across the country and beyond, doing wonderful work for the most at-risk cats in our communities. We have sterilized over 9000 cats in our Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) work as of 2018, adopted out scores into loving homes and given refuge and safe haven at the Sanctuary to hundreds more. We have advocated for cats, stood before city councils and changed laws. We have been instrumental in removing the gas chamber from Taylor, Texas and bringing legal TNR to several cities.

The sanctuary began on a very small scale – Sheila and Dr. Roy Smith took in a handful of cats and created a small space in their home for them. Over the years many additions and improvements were added to expand to our present size, which can accommodate one hundred cats. The sanctuary was primarily funded by the Smiths and was built in many small steps over the years. In 2015, because of the support of our friends and donors, the Sanctuary underwent significant changes and housing improvements that directly impacted the cats. We provide the very highest level of care and we want to ensure this remains unchanged.

Thank you all for being here with us on our journey to help cats live their best lives possible. The Sanctuary exists because of the incredible network of friends we have built over the last twenty years and the belief that Shadow Cats is making a difference. From one person’s dream to a lasting legacy of helping cats throughout Central Texas for many years to come – we couldn’t have done any of this without your love, caring, and support and we want to ensure that the safety and well being of the cats and our mission is never in question.

So while we remember the past, we live in the present and we are actively preparing and safeguarding the future of Shadow Cats. Thank you for supporting the Future Fund. To donate to the Future Fund, please click here.