COVID-19 Crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything for Shadow Cats and the world around us, however, our Mission has never stopped.

We continue the work of Shadow Cats. Every Single Day.

  • Saving the most fragile among us. Cats like Lottie, MacDougal and Henry lead different lives today.
  • Supporting other nonprofits and good Samaritans through the One Life Fund
  • The Sanctuary special needs cats continue to lead their best lives
  • Community cats are still being sterilized, vaccinated and returned to their colonies (TNR)
  • Food is supplied for hundreds of community cats each day
  • Our Community Outreach Program is strong and we continue to assist cats in need

Please Donate Today and Save Cat Lives

During these difficult times, nonprofits continue to depend on the support of our friends and donors. The cats’ needs never stop and we always want to be in a position to impact all we can.

Thank you for continuing to support Shadow Cats during these changing times. We thank you and we know, if they could, the cats would too.

Every. Single. Day.

One Time Donation

This donation to our Primary Fund will provide support for the overall mission of Shadow Cats and allows the ongoing and strong work of Shadow Cats to continue. It provides a safety net and gives safe haven to the special needs cats that call Shadow Cats home and enables them to live their very best lives.


You can sponsor any cat with either a monthly donation or annual donation. Sponsorships of $25 or more may be made through monthly installments or an annual donation. The easiest way is to just click on the Donate button on the right to set up a monthly or annual sponsorship payment through a credit card or PayPal account. Click here for details on choosing a cat.

Cat's name you want to sponsor

Tribute Donation

A tribute gift is a simple and thoughtful way to show your love and appreciation for a pet, family member, friend, etc. With each donation, we will send a notification letter to a family member or other individual you have designated, without specifying the amount of the donation. Tribute donations will also be acknowledged, unless you request privacy, on our Tributes page on the Shadow Cats website.

Please use the Note field to document your tribute and provide the address for the card delivery, if desired.