Harmony Cats

Sponsor all the cats in Harmony for just $25 per month! Collectively, all sponsors together can make a big impact on the everyday needs of over 35 ‘mostly’ special need cats. Will you help?

For those that would like to sponsor the entire Harmony area, let us tell you a little about it.

Sponsor the Harmony area and all the cats here will love you!

The Harmony area is nice and roomy. One of the rooms is a large climate controlled area with many windows, filled with cat trees, chairs and hiding places for cats that just want to nap.

An open air deck is screened in and the cats love to sit on their condo perches and watch whatever is going on outside. There are lots of squirrels and birds to entertain them, plus chairs and shelves for all! Artwork of the kitty residents supplied by Painting with a Twist artists cover the walls for the cats’ (and visitors’!) pleasure. Most of the cats in this space have medical issues and must be closely watched over. Volunteers always have a cat nestled in their laps with nails being trimmed or coats being brushed.

Sponsoring the Harmony area means helping cats that have both chronic and acute issues. It means providing a space where very shy or aged cats can curl up quietly and watch the world go by in peace. It means peace and harmony. Acceptance. The average age in this area is about 17 years old. For a variety of reasons, they ended up here and some have lived their lives at Shadow Cats. We make every effort to ensure that each area is homelike and as comfortable as possible. While all of our cats are available for adoption, most are overlooked because of age or issues. The next best thing is your sponsorship and care.

Meet Our Sponsors

–April Stearns–

–Pamela Smith–

–Cherie Batsel–

–Rick Watson–

–Jeanette Cacciola–

–Kathy Alessandrini–

–Roxann Baranowski —

–Marianne and Corey Bates–

–Monica Blevins–

–Julie Young–

–Rikki Raflo–

–Maria McKee–

–Michelle Ruff–

–Michelle Robinette–

–Sheila Schlesinger–

–Amy Loar–

–Susan McRee–

–Michelle Swann–

–Sarah Fowler–

–Carole Horne–

–Courtney Johnson–

–Amy & Casey Weaver–

–Dawn and Paul Lawson–

–Susan Saint-Lockhart–

–Maria Schnucker–

–Amy & Thom–

–Gail Bischoff–

–Elizabeth Youmans–

–Stormie Myers–

–Gretchen Palmer–

–Jaye Lynn Piselli–

–Michael Skalka–

–Linda Crossman–

–Kat Mogstad–

–Julie Frank–

–Jennifer Ebbeler–

–Holly M Swanson–