Our New Home

All the way back to 1997 to where we are now twenty two years later, a lot has happened and its always been about the cats. Thousands of cats sterilized through TNR, the work with city councils for improved TNR ordinances, the tear down of the gas chamber, resolution of hoarding situations, the One Life Fund that helps community cats across the country, the Give Back Fund which helps local rescues and, of course, our life saving work with feline leukemia cats.

From our humble beginnings in 1997 to today, from the 10×10 wood and wire homemade catio that housed the original first seven cats- Abby, Bart, Bear, Maya, Missy, Orange Boy and Taz – to the current 80 residents at the Sanctuary and to all the community cats, past, present and future, THIS is for you.

It is with the greatest gratitude and appreciation, to very special friends and supporters, that our Board and Board Advisors are proud to announce that on June 26th, Shadow Cats, with the assistance of the Nicholas J. Juried Family Foundation, Bill, Dave, Buddy and Lil’ Percy and to all the donors to the Future Fund over the past six years, became the proud owner of two acres of land with a facility in the middle of Round Rock in a commercially zoned area. The cats have a Forever Home and Shadow Cats has an even greater opportunity to broaden our impact and further our mission. We plan to fully develop this property over the years into a community resource that will help the least served among us – the cats.

It is because of your support that we are at this crossroads and about to begin Shadow Cats Chapter Two. The vision continues. The purpose stronger.

This purchase allows Shadow Cats to truly move to the future. Long after the present stewards of Shadow Cats are gone, the organization will live on. This facility will be one that supports TNR, community cats, special needs cats (feline leukemia) and is an asset and resource to our community and beyond.

We are thrilled! It will take about 6-9 months of renovation and building before we are ready to move into the new location. While we strive to keep building costs down thanks to incredible volunteers with construction and technical skills to this project, there will remain major costs to cover. We welcome volunteers with any type construction skills. Donations to the Future Fund are appreciated to complete this project and get the cats into their new home as soon as possible. Our projected move in date is early 2020.

Our foundation remains unchanged. Saving Lives.