Summer Food Drive

Summertime, Lazy Days, and Sunbeams… What more could you ask for if you were a Shadow Cat?

Why FOOD, of course!

It’s that time again – the time when our sanctuary cats ask shamelessly for Fancy Feast and Weruva to fill the pantry so their tummies won’t growl. Our kitties got into the spirit one day recently to let you know how much they really need, love, and deserve the food you send them to keep our sanctuary going. Ivy and Sushi have already started licking their lips!

Shadow Cats goes through about 26,280 cans of Fancy Feast and other canned foods a year. That’s about 1120 24-can cases or 75 cans a day that the cats eat (inhale).

Our last Food Drive was a while ago and the cupboards are getting bare. What we’d like most are cases of non-seafood pate style cat food in poultry flavors – chicken, turkey, and mixed grill are all good choices. The kitties have thoughtfully created an Amazon Wish List and a Chewy Wish List to help you shop.

Alternatively, other online sites may have better pricing on some of these brands, and if you’d prefer to order from another source, please have them ship to our mailing address at 17 Lake Dr in Round Rock, TX 78665. (Please do NOT use the Palm Valley address).

Please help us fill the kitty cupboards for the summer! A case or a bag would go a long way toward filling the pantry and making our special Shadow Cats clowder very happy. We appreciate every single morsel of kibble and can of food.

Thank you so much!