Amazon and Chewy Wish Lists

It’s always wonderful to see a PayPal donation come in, or to open an envelope and find a check inside – and there are certainly lots of costs in caring for all our cats that we couldn’t manage without those donations. But there’s also something really nice about checking the mail and finding a couple of boxes of much-needed food for our kitties…and you can make that happen through our Amazon Wish List or Chewy Wish List!  


With all our sanctuary cats, colonies, and neighborhoods we help support, we go through a LOT of food. The Wish Lists make it easy for you to buy food and have it sent directly to our kitties. There’s a selection of dry and canned foods. And there’s another special feature that makes it even easier for you to send food and get a discount – some items are eligible for automatic deliveries. When you choose this option you can set up a recurring purchase of that item at any interval you choose. When you do, there are additional discounts, and shipping is free with no minimum purchase.

Please make note of our mailing address:

Shadow Cats
17 Lake Drive
Round Rock, TX 78665

Feed the Ferals

We try to feed good quality food to all cats- we do the best we can with what we have. For our sanctuary cats, with their many health issues, we also feed the highest quality we can. At times, some cats will only eat what they will eat and for them, we feed them just that- whatever they will eat. We’ve found that this philosophy can really make a difference in their health and quality of life since so many of them are battling chronic medical conditions. You’ll find several choices on the Wish Lists, all of which our kitties love.

Feed Sanctuary Cats

Sometimes we don’t receive packing slips to tell us who the shipments are from! When you purchase an item from our Wish Lists, during the checkout process there will be a box you can check to indicate that it’s a gift. Do this and it will give you the option to include a message with your gift. In that message box if you’ll enter your name and email we’ll be able to thank you properly. There’s enough space to also include a short note if you like. So please do this – the kitties like to know the names of their heroes. 😻

So please help us feed the kitties and they’ll have two words for you…”THANKS” and “YUM”!