The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is the heart and soul of Shadow Cats

The Sanctuary began in the home of Sheila and Dr.Roy Smith in 1997, where countless lives were saved and nurtured for over twenty years. With airy spaces to run, lots of nooks, cubbyholes for shy kitties, and protection from the elements, the cats lived their best lives.

In 2004, Shadow Cats gained its nonprofit status and the idea of a stand-alone sanctuary was born.

As the number of special needs cats continued to grow, the importance of a separate facility increased in importance. Led by board co-presidents Jacki Quaile and Sheila Smith, the focus became how to fund such an endeavor. With groundbreaking donations from the Juried Family Foundation and ‘B&D&B&LP’, as well as generous donations from friends and supporters everywhere, Shadow Cats purchased a beautiful facility on several acres in the middle of Round Rock, Texas in 2019.

A year later, under the guidance of our volunteer building management team which included a project manager, an architect, and a general builder/tradesman, the facility doubled in size, and a custom-built environment was built specifically for the cats in our care. We were able to move in on June 9, 2019. With 3500sf dedicated entirely to the cats, they enjoy five large screened decks with lots of shelves and high places to enjoy, plus homey rooms complete with sofas and beds built specifically to their needs.

This is their house.

While most of the cats are available to the right adopter, until that happens for them they are safe and will spend their lives well-loved here at the sanctuary. Our focus at Shadow Cats is on giving them the highest quality of life possible for whatever time they have with us. Dedicated volunteers and staff help give each cat love and TLC.

Every cat is unique and special in their own way. It’s a privilege to share in their lives and to know that under the stewardship of Shadow Cats, their house is one that will last long into the future and help generations of cats to come.

The Old Sanctuary

Building the New Sanctuary

Our New Home