You can sponsor any cat with either a monthly donation or annual donation. Sponsorships of $25 or more may be made through monthly installments or an annual donation. The easiest way is to just click on the Donate button on the right to set up a monthly or annual sponsorship payment through a credit card or PayPal account. If you prefer, you can also download and fill out a sponsorship form and send it to us and we can manually process a credit card payment monthly.

At Shadow Cats, we are dedicated to providing the cats in our care the quality of life that they deserve which includes food, medical care, and a happy, loving, clean, and safe environment. These cats will live out their lives at our Sanctuary and your sponsorship donations help to pay for the needs of the cats during their life here at the Sanctuary.

Cat's name you want to sponsor

The cats that reside in Cookie’s Place are feline leukemia positive and will require special medical attention throughout their lives. Most of our other cats are either older or have chronic health issues or behavioral problems that also require extra care. Your sponsorship support helps us to provide that care.

Sponsors may terminate their sponsorship at any time with notice given to Shadow Cats.

When you sponsor a cat, we will list your name on the cat’s biography page.

Too hard to choose a particular cat? Consider sponsoring an entire area of the Sanctuary such as Cookie’s Place, Wild Side, Harmony or Oasis areas. The sponsorship fee for each of these areas is the same as for an individual cat. Just let us know your choice and we will list your name on the page of that particular area.

As a sponsor you also have the opportunity to visit your cat and tour the sanctuary. To inquire about a visit, please contact us. We often post pictures and updates about many of our sanctuary cats on the Shadow Cats Facebook page. Follow us and watch for your sponsor cat.

A cat or an area may have more than one sponsor. Our hope is to have multiple sponsors for every cat in the sanctuary, which would provide a level of financial support that would make it possible for us to continue to provide lifetime care for all current and future sanctuary cats in perpetuity. Our goal is to have ten sponsors for each cat.

Questions? Please contact us at info@shadowcats.net