Cookie’s Place

Sponsor all the cats in Cookie’s Place for just $25 per month! That’s about a dollar per feline! Collectively, all sponsors together can make a big impact on the everyday needs of over 25 feline leukemia positive cats.  Will you help? Sometimes, it’s emotionally difficult to sponsor individual FeLV+ cats – they may pass quickly and some of our sponsors have lost several of their sponsored cats all too soon. That’s an emotional hit that is too hard for some to endure. We all focus on the quality of their lives rather than the quantity, but even knowing that, it’s difficult to say good bye.

For those that would like to sponsor the entire Cookie’s Place area, let us tell you a little about it.

Cookie’s Place is a happy place, filled with love and light. Chairs, benches, hidey spots and shelves abound. The room is filled with windows with an attached screened deck to laze about on. Warm breezes fill the deck spaces and, if it gets too hot or too cold, the cats simply hop up on a chair in their climate controlled room. Volunteers always have a cat nestled in their laps. The Nannies provide loving care.

Cookie’s Place is named after Cookie Princess Warrior who contracted leukemia at age 12. Before that she lived as Top Cat in the house area and ruled with a kind paw. We think she may have been PCR positive or else contracted leukemia from a cat that had recently been exposed but was still showing negative. She was, simply, the best cat. She painted and sold many of her art pieces to support her fellow felines. Many of her works hang proudly in central Texas homes. She was indeed an Artista and a Diva and left this world too soon. Cookie’s Place, built in her honor, has given safe harbor to hundreds of cats in her memory. Rest in Peace, Cookiecita – your legacy lives on.

Sponsoring Cookie’s Place means helping cats that had little chance before Shadow Cats. It is a lifesaving gift and, when combined with other lifesaving gifts, will make a world of difference for all the cats that reside here. With all the health issues that feline leukemia cats have, our best hope for providing for them is through your sponsorships. Our mission is to help them live their very best lives, no matter how long or short it may be. Making it count, one day at a time.

Sponsor Cookie’s Place and Rule the World!

Meet Our Sponsors!

–Kevin and Hillevi Acuff–

–Loren Allen–

–Susan Arvin–

–Mandi Ballard–

–Katherine Beckes–

–Sheri Biggs–

— Crystal Boyd–

–Evelyn Bunton–

–April Butcher–

–Kelly Butler–

–Carol Calvery–

–LaDonna Castanuela–

–Donna Clarin–

–Leslie Cobb–

–Steve & Annette Crane–

–Rachele DiTullio–

–Crystal Ferguson–

–Julie Ferguson–

–Susan Fowler-Nice–

–Amy Glass–

–Kathy and Ronnie Gulley–

–Marsinah Blazek —

–Onanong Chanta–

–Karen Luckenmeyer–

–Dawn Lawson–

–Erin Skalka–

–Margaret and Kevin Hollembeak–

–Alfreda Shore–

— Ruthie Karl Snyder–

–Sandra Cone–

–Paige Crew–

–Glenn & Maria McKee–

–Sheri and Ronald —

–Dana and Alex Guruprasad–

–Amy Juried–

–LeAnn Chamberlin–

–Kay Lambert–

–Noe Gutierrez–

–Janet Harkness–

–Laurie Heupel–

–Robin Katchko–

–Rebecca  Katzenmeyer–

–Jeong Min Kim–

–Anne Kolbech–

–Patrick Lacaille–

–Margaret Lawhon–

–Stacy Looney–

–Margie Lucas–

–Carmen Tym and Robert Marsa–

–Caroline Mason–

–Gary and Yolanda McAninch–

–Ed and Joyce McGowan–

–LeAnn Chamberlin–

–Brenda & Pete Muller–

–Starr O’Neal–

–Julie Pedro–

–Jane Peikert–

–Jeanette Cacciola–

–Deborah Whorley–

–MaryEllen Taylor–

–Mary Crevier–

–Wendy Voison–

–Amy Pirrong–

–Jennifer Sykes–

–Michelle Robinette–

–Vickie Langlett–

–Lena Atkinson–

–Deborah Anderson–

–Caroline Fromhold–

–Rita Short–

–Eve Layman–

–Evelyn Miller–

–Fred Peterson–

–Shelby Rexrode–

–Jill Peterson–

–Di Richmond–

–Joe and Amanda Rotondo–

–Jason Rubero–

–Rebecca Rubero–

–Diane Sarnicki —

–Joan Schneider–

–Dianne Scott–

–Kara Short–

–Rita Short–

–Haleen Sue Smith–

–Lisa Smith–

–Carol Takvorian–

–Christine Trujillo–

–Elaina Unnassch Tucker–

–Adrienne Vo–

–Sarah Wateska–

–Rick Watson–

–Paula Whitbeck–

–Tracey Williams–

–Angie Noelle–

–Bill Fifield and Dave Roseberry–

–Mary Diermier–

–Arlene Blankenship–

–Loren Henderson–

–Denise Sherrod–

–Susan McRee–

–Karen Labos–

–Steve Okino–

–Julie Young–

–Mary Crevier–

–LeAnn Chamberlin–

–Lesley and Humberto Quiroga–

–Rebecca Raphael–

–Tara Wein–

–Jamie Young–

–Karen Schnell–