Happy Outcomes

These medical fund and happy outcomes brought to you by the Community Cat Medical Fund and all who support it.


Barney hung upside down from a fence for 8-20 hours before he was found. Despite efforts to save his leg, the decision had to be made to amputate it. The damage done from hanging so long left permanent damage and the best thing was to take it off. It’s unlikely he’d ever been to a vet so he had it all done at once – 4-5 days of hospitalization, amputation of the left rear leg, x-rays, laser treatment, neuter, combo test, microchip, vaccines, lab work, meds and follow up appointments.

Here’s the news story by CBS Austin.

Today, he has healed and is living large with his new forever family. His new Mom says “He fits into our family like a missing puzzle piece. In the last couple of weeks he has finally won over our old man kitty, Stevie. My heart is so happy with all this progression and we are thankful he has decided he likes being part of our pack!!!”

Thank you for supporting our mission of helping cats live their best lives.

Captain Dutch

The orange cat was found emaciated and wandering the streets of Austin, TX in early 2014. Born with no back feet, how he managed on the streets as long as he did is difficult to say. He was brought to Shadow Cats where we rushed him to the vet clinic and immediately began medical care. After several weeks of TLC and intense care, he started to regain his strength and sass. It was then we knew how he’d survived – he had plenty of moxie!

He was named Dutch and we sought to find him the perfect home – and we did! Across the way in Colorado lived a wonderful couple, Tom and Carolyn and their cat Wyatt. Dutch’s story touched their hearts and once we had a home visit done and all the paperwork in order, Dutch had a new home. However, it would take Carolyn three trips to Austin before she was finally able to take her boy home. That’s true commitment! The first couple of attempts Dutch developed a URI and couldn’t fly, but on the third trip he joined his forever family.

He lives a great life today as a pampered and well loved indoor cat, and he’s now known as Captain Dutch! You can follow his story at https://www.facebook.com/captaindutchthecat/


Back in May of 2012, he was just a tiny guy in Round Rock, TX. His sightless eye bulged yet he stood defiantly next to the road. Tires screeched to a stop and soon this tiny spitfire was safely on his way to the veterinary clinic. With surgery to remove his eye and a good prognosis in front of him, this small yet mighty bundle of kitten came to Shadow Cats to await his forever home.

The rest, as they say, is history. This little boy grew up to be none other than the famous, Trooper – The Troop! He was adopted by Jeanette and Tony and has gone on to live his very best life entertaining us all. He lives with mom and dad, his brother Velcro and new sister Angel in his forever home. You can follow his story at https://www.facebook.com/TrooperC/


Dexter was rescued in Taylor, TX in June 2015. He was suffering from a massive number of fleas and ear mites, along with extreme malnutrition. Once he came to Shadow Cats through our Community Cats Medical Fund program, his medical needs were identified and care implemented. It took several weeks to get him stable and on the road to recovery, but once that happened, he improved quickly.

Dexter now lives life as a pampered ranch cat. While still cautious, he allows petting from his human and they sit compatibly on the long, open porch watching over the other cats and, in the distance, the cows and farm animals.

Dexter was in critical condition but with the veterinary care and TLC provided by the Medical Fund, he now has a chance to live a safe, loved and happy life.

Pretty Girl

Pretty Girl was once known as Drain Cat. Despite a horribly broken leg, she would drag herself up through the drain system for the nightly food offered her. The area to trap her was too small for a trap, and despite much effort, she was proving difficult to get. Fortunately, perseverance pays off and she was rushed to Central Texas Cat Hospital for immediate care. Her leg was amputated and she spent time at the clinic being stabilized and then into foster care.

She eventually joined Dexter at the Acme Ranch where she has thrived. She has a best friend, Frank, one of the other cats at the ranch, and they can often be found snuggled up to each other. Despite her feral tendencies, she is completely comfortable around her humans, and thanks to the Medical Fund and all who support it, she has the opportunity to live life above ground – a life in the sun – and her name is Pretty Girl.


In 2015, Freya was caught in an illegal and inhumane leg hold trap in Austin, TX. Fortunately, she was seen dragging the long chain and attached trap under a house. Although she was barely accessible, Shadow Cats’ trappers were able to get under the house, release her and get her to a veterinary clinic.

Through the Medical Fund for Community Cats, Freya’s received intensive and long term care until she was able to use her foot again. As of 2016, she had regained almost complete use of her damaged foot.

Freya lived at the Shadow Cats Sanctuary until her passing in 2019. She settled in well, remaining feral but accepted on her own terms.