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We are so proud to be a Jackson Pick---just one of a few---and when you shop at his store, you can also make a donation to Shadow Cats. We'll receive 100% of any donation made on this site.
CLICK HERE or go to the Gifts that Give More on his storefront.


Welcome to Shadow Cats!

Shadow Cats is a rescue dedicated to the care of our current resident population of ill, immune compromised, injured and senior cats. We are not a shelter and do not accept animals for surrender or adoption. We promote Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) as the most humane and effective means to control the community cat population. We provide information and resources to spay or neuter community cats. We do not trap cats for you, but we provide you with the resource information to help solve cat issues. We recommend networking with family members, church members, neighborhood associations, no kill shelters, rescue organizations whose mission is adoption in
order to place social cats or kittens. Please go to our Resource page to find specific information that may help your particular situation. 

In loving memory of


We are delighted to receive a donation for the second year in a row from Austin's Friends of the Forest Foundation!  Every year, this non-profit organization hosts a city-wide birthday party in the park for Eeyore, the depressed little donkey from the book, Winnie the Pooh.  Proceeds from the party are donated to local charities and we are one of the lucky few.  Thank you, Friends of the Forest, and...Happy Birthday Eeyore!!



Thank you to all of this year's supporters and volunteers for making this another successful event! 
Thanks to your donations, we made our goal of $50,000! 




Shadow Cats began in the mid-nineties with an idea and a passion that has evolved over the years to an entire organization supported by a network of caring friends, volunteers and supporters across the country and beyond, doing wonderful work for the most at-risk cats in our communities. MORE>>


Look who's checking in...Blossom!!
Our Spokescat updates us on what
she's been up to in the latest
Blossom's World episode, "What's New Pussycat?"  MORE

Oh, those tongues!



We try hard to do the right thing for every cat who comes through our doors.  Now that some of our residents are in their teens and have been with us for many years, doing the right thing for them can mean dealing with a wide range of issues.  MORE>>

Click on Marley's photo (left) to see the video, Story of the Miracle Cats at Shadow Cats.  No one knows how or why, but after years of living under the cloud of the Feline Leukemia Virus, they've managed to clear the deadly virus from their bodies. 

Special thanks to Steve Okino for creating this wonderful video!



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Miracles for Polly

Most cats are lucky to have even one miracle in their lives...for Polly the miracles just seem to keep on coming!  MORE>>

The sanctuary cats don't really roar, and hardly ever bite, but they do yawn a lot...and when you catch a cat in mid-yawn they can take on all kinds of interesting looks. MORE>>

In loving memory of Short Tail Mama

Read the story of a feral cat
living in one of our colonies that stole our hearts over 10 years ago.


Gone but never forgotten...

In loving memory of Sanctuary cats that have left us to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  More>>


In Memory of Lives Saved
and Lives Lost
Shadow Cats and
The Great Kitty Rescue (video)

SShadow Cats is proud to be a PET Partner Agency of the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas!

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